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Whether you are already a registered DSD Crew Member or just thinking about it, then this dedicated area is just for you. From here you can view the Crew Openings and see what opportunities are coming up. If you have not already submitted your CV you can now do so on line. Remember that only registered crew can be considered for our deliveries. We also provide a bulletin board for you to post your messages and photos. Here you can seek the advice from fellow delivery crews or share some relevant information that others may find useful.

Joining one of our voyages offers a unique opportunity. For those with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and work with others in a team, trans-ocean sailing is one of the few real adventures that are still possible. Our skippers are perhaps the most experienced yacht delivery skippers afloat with many thousands of sea miles behind them. Their skills and knowledge of sailing gained over the years in many areas around the world are invaluable to the safety and enjoyment of each and every delivery we undertake.

Experience is preferred, but many Captains are willing to take the extra time required to help train individuals with less experience. Submitting your CV is Free. So even if your desire for adventure is all you can offer, send it in. You might be glad you did. If we have not answered all your questions here and you want to know more please contact us.

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