Yacht delivery


Owner Prep List

Each delivery is assigned a Owner Prep List which list equipment to be supplied by the owner before a delivery vessel can get underway. Below is a general outline of some items usually listed in a Owner Prep List found in a delivery contract. DSD will work with captains and owners to discuss to best assignment of such responsibility prior to drawing up the final contract.

Offshore Life raft

Registered EPIRB

Emergency tiller

Wood plugs


Major tools including: mechanical (drill), electrical. Spare parts: Engine-belts, impeller, etc. mechanical/rigging-shackles, cotter pins, bolts, spare line of various sizes, electrical: fuses, spare batteries, rigging tape, duct tape, underwater epoxy; Sail repair: patch material, needle and thread, waxed twine etc.

Medical kit

2 Jack Lines

Life Sling

Adequate bilge pump capabilities and/or rigging engine pump for emergencies

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